Smoke-free educational surroundings are part of a healthy and clean study and working environment for student and employees. HZ is now taking this step: from 1 August this year, both HZ locations will be completely smoke-free. The smoking ban includes students, employees, visitors, and suppliers. By doing this we support the Dutch ambition: “Towards a Smoke-Free Generation in 2040”.

What does a smoke-free HZ mean?

• The smoke-free HZ starts on 1 August 2020
• It applies to the HZ locations in Vlissingen and Middelburg
• The non-smoking area is about the outdoor areas. The educational buildings were already non-smoking.
• The smoking ban applies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
• E-cigarettes may also not be smoked.

A smoke-free generation in 2040
HZ supports the initiative of the Smoke-free Generation. We consider it important that young people are protected from the temptation of smoking. With a smoke-free HZ, we also protect non-smokers against unhealthy indirect smoking. An additional advantage of the new rules is that it provides us with a cleaner outdoor area with less waste.

Help with giving up smoking
In the summer period, adjustments will be made at the locations; the smoking facility at the Edisonweg will be removed and signs will be placed to make clear that HZ is smoke-free. We had meetings planned this spring to assist smoking students and staff with giving up smoking. Due to the corona crisis, we are moving these sessions to the autumn. More information and an invitation for this will follow.