After the amount of new students on an HZ course fell last year compared to the previous year for the first time in five years, enrolment figures show growth again this year, despite the shrinking number of young people in Zeeland.

A total of 1642 new students started HZ courses in 2022. Of these, 166 chose an HZ Associate degree at the Associate degrees Academie in Roosendaal. In 2021, 1522 students chose a degree programme at HZ.

Of the 1642 students, 1359 were from the Netherlands and 283 from abroad. In 2021, that ratio was 1311 versus 211.

Never so high

The intake at the HZ locations Vlissingen and Middelburg was never so high before: 1476. Of that number, 917 students from the Netherlands follow a full-time programme and 276 follow a part-time or dual programme. 208 students from the EEA (European Economic Area) enrolled in a full-time programme and 75 full-time non-EEA students are studying at HZ.

The growth among full-time students is mainly due to an increase in the number of havisten: 604 compared to 564 in 2021. The number of applications for part-time or dual programmes is growing fast: 11.7 per cent. This is mainly due to new offerings, including the Ad programme to become an Energy Transition Engineer.

Primary school teacher

The largest growth in intake is seen in the bachelor's programme 'Leraar Basisonderwijs' in Vlissingen. In the full-time programme, 112 students started. This is 41 more than last year. This year, for the first time, the programme is also available part-time. For the part-time variant, 64 students enrolled.

This year, then, the course 'Vepleegkunde' is down again. For the full-time variant, 139 students chose this year. In 2021, there were 150. 33 students started part-time Nursing in 2022. A year earlier, there were 59. This is in line with national picture.

A post (in Dutch) with a full analysis of the figures and comments by Barbara Oomen, president of the Executive Board, can be found here.