Two project groups from the HZ Honours Programma did research into solutions that contribute to the energy transition and how these transitions impact the community. During this short event they will show two short documentaries with their findings. The event is open for everyone who is curious about interesting solutions for the energy transition.

Documentary 1: Community Owned Energy Grids
By: Mendel Franken, Tim Hoogkamp and Chris van Boven

Rising energy prices show the urgency for sustainability. Instead of waiting on the government to take action, communities themselves can take steps towards this goal. In this documentary Mendel, Tim and Chris show, based on two examples from Scotland, how communities can achieve community owned energy systems independently.

Documentary 2: NOOR, The World Biggest Concentrated Solar Power Plant
By: Dounia Hassouni and Janik Brandt

The push to renewable energy sources raises the question why not countries with ideal natural conditions build and develop more renewable energy power plants. To find answers and to find out about the impact of newly installed Solar power stations on the local surrounding communities, Dounia and Janik visited the Noor Power station In Morocco. The Noor Solar complex is not only the first solar project developed under Morocco’s new energy strategy but also the largest concentrated Solar power plant in the world.

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