Christos Latsos of the Aquaculture in Delta Areas research group of the HZ University of Applied Sciences will receive his doctorate on Tuesday, 29 March for his research 'Rhodomonas unravelled'. In this study, he investigated the potential of the algae Rhodomonas salina for the feed and food industry.

The alga is an important raw material for aquaculture and the farming of crustaceans and shellfish, but there are also possibilities to make end products from it, such as a fish stock or mayonnaise. It appears that this alga has a high umami taste compared to other organisms such as seaweed. In his research, Christos has focused on optimising the production, quality and taste of the red alga.
To this end, he has investigated various cultivation methods and conditions. For example, he looked at light intensity and quality, acidity (pH) and salinity. His experiments took place in small and semi-large photobioreactors. The research was part of Valgorize. This Interreg 2 Seas project focuses on the use of seaweed and algae with an improved taste for the European consumer.

Christos will receive his PhD from the University of Groningen at 16.15 on 29 March. The ceremony will take place in the Auditorium of the Academy Building at Broerstraat 5 in Groningen. As a doctoral student, the researcher is attached to the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering at the University of Groningen. Prof. Dr. K.R. Timmermans is his supervisor.

You can attend the defence ceremony via this livestream. If you want to receive his dissertation, please fill in this form.