In early 2018, the letter of intent for the Joint Research Center Zeeland, the joint laboratory in Middelburg with facilities for MBO, HBO and WO, was signed. The preparations for its construction at Het Groene Woud are becoming visible now. Adjacent to the HZ location, the old buildings have been demolished and the ground is being prepared for construction. Here you can read more about the latest developments.

Adjustment of facade design
The JRCZ’s façade design has been modified in recent weeks on the basis of positive feedback. In the first design - with the vertical slats – some points of attention emerged. It turned out that too little daylight could enter, so that the division options were not flexible enough. Moreover, maintaining the facade would not be easy. Therefore, a new design was developed, the facade cladding now consisting of plating in square grids.

Artist impression: Rothuizen Architecten Stedenbouwkundigen

Architect Ben Westenburger: “The essence of the building remains the same, but with the new design we respond even better to JZRC’s functions. We can make better use of daylight and the spaces are more flexible. The choice of other materials also means that we reduce production and operating costs. The new design also has a friendlier appearance and fits better into the landscape.” The material for the tiles - which vary in design between matt and glossy - has yet to be selected and is preferably biobased.

The construction site
We like to show what we are building together. A large construction board and a colourful and informative design for the fence are currently being designed for the construction site. This is expected to become visible to passers-by during the summer period.

Would you like to follow the construction news?
We will keep you informed of the developments via the HZ channels.

Students from Scalda, HZ and UCR will be working closely together within the Joint Research Center Zeeland. The JRCZ is the linking pin between knowledge institutions, research facilities and the business community. We want to find solutions to issues that are relevant in a delta region such as Zeeland. The focus will be on the themes of water, energy, and food. How can we protect Zeeland against water, how do we generate new forms of energy, how do we produce food in a changing delta? Together we will build the formula of the future.