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Cooperation agreement North Sea Port



A well-functioning sewer is vitally important, but as a small municipality, how do you make sure that management does not cost unnecessary effort and money? Researchers from the Data Science and Asset Management professorships worked with Zeeland's sewer managers to design a decision-support system: Riobase.

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Cooperation with Waterschap Scheldestromen

One of the aims of the cooperation is to gain a structured understanding of the replacement task of the three assets (bridges, dams and sewerage pumping stations) of the Scheldestromen Water Board. The aim is to use long-term planning to obtain a look-through for the next 30 years until 2050. To this end, a management and maintenance strategy should be developed, based as much as possible on data. This insight includes not only the maintenance and replacement task, but also its costs.

Zeelandbrug maintenance


Circular maintenance in the maintenance and process industry

Innovative solutions to practical issues, such as preventing repairs and sustainable reuse of equipment, are being sought by carrying out practical research and demonstrations. It looks at reusing electric motors and transformers when renewing installations, sharing little-used maintenance tools and new cleaning techniques that drastically reduce waste water and the use of chemicals.

Dam wall project municipality of Tholen