To offer better services when you visit a website, most sites use cookies. These are useful techniques to collect and use information. As a result websites are easier to use. Cookies, for example, ensure that you can stay logged in on a website or that your preferences, such as location and language settings, are remembered.

Also, website owners can see, through cookies, how often their sites - and which pages of it- are viewed by visitors.

Deleting cookies
Cookies are stored on your computer and you can delete them at any time. This is very easy. Click on one of the browsers below to go directly to the manual of your browser. Remember that after deleting cookies on some websites you will have to set your preferences again or log in again.

If you do not want websites to place cookies on your computer, you can adjust your browser settings so that you get a warning before cookies are placed. You can also adjust the settings so that your browser refuses all cookies or only refuses cookies from third parties. You can also delete your cookies that have already been placed. Note that you must adjust the settings separately for each browser and computer you use.

Please note that if you do not want cookies, we can no longer guarantee that our website is working properly. It is possible that some functions of the site are lost or even that you cannot see certain websites at all.

Use of cookies by HZ University of Applied Sciences
HZ also uses cookies. We would like to inform you about the different types of cookies that are placed when visiting one of our websites.

Functional cookies
Functional cookies are used to offer you as a visitor the right functionality and user experience. For example, functional cookies store your preferences for, for example, language and log-in status. Functional cookies are always placed, as they are essential for the proper functioning of our websites. Not giving permission for the placing of cookies does not affect functional cookies.

Analytical cookies
To determine which parts of the website are most interesting for our visitors, we continuously measure how many visitors come to our website and which pages are viewed the most with the help of the software of a third party. We use cookies for this. Statistics are generated from the information we collect. These statistics give us insight into how often our web page is visited, where exactly visitors spend the most time, and so on. This enables us to make the structure, navigation and content of the website as user-friendly as possible for you. We do not retrace the statistics and other reports to individuals.

HZ has signed a processor agreement with Google regarding Google Analytics. It states that Google only acts as an editor when processing the personal data of our website visitors.

We use a Google Analytics cookie for:

  • Tracking the number of visitors on our web pages
  • Tracking the amount of time each visitor spends on our web pages
  • Determining the order in which a visitor visits the various pages of our website
  • Optimising the website

We measure with Google Analytics on the domain.

Analytical cookies are always placed. Not giving permission for the placing of cookies does not affect analytical cookies.

Social media cookies
The articles and videos you view on our website can be shared with buttons via social media. The functionality of these buttons uses AddThis and cookies from the social media parties, so that they recognise you the moment you want to share an article or video.

For the cookies that social media parties place and the possible data they collect, we refer to the statements that these parties provide on their own websites; see the links below. Note that these statements can change regularly. HZ has no influence on this.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Google+
  5. Pinterest
  6. AddThis
  7. YouTube
  8. Instagram

Next to that, HZ uses Social Media applications that help us to adequately respond to questions that are of current interest on social media. This way we can improve communications with and lend service to our target groups.

Advertisement cookies
HZ uses the services of third parties, such as Google AdWords, to display relevant advertisements for, among other things, study programmes, tailored to your visit to our websites and the pages you visited there.

If you do not accept cookies on our websites, you will not see any interesting advertisements from HZ, insofar as these ads are based on your visit to our websites. This does not mean that you will not see HZ ads at all, as HZ also uses generic advertisements that are not based on your surfing behaviour.

Because of the way in which the internet and websites work, it may be that we do not always have insight into the cookies that third parties place via our website. This is especially the case if our web pages contain so-called embedded elements; these are texts, documents, pictures or films that are stored with another party, but which are shown on, in or via our website.

Privacy Statement for
Personal data are carefully processed and secured. We only keep and use personal data that are directly provided by you or of which it is clear that they are provided to us by you. We adhere to the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act.