Rick Lambert once graduated himself from the Primary Education Teacher studies at HZ. Now he teaches there himself at the Pedagogy studies and the Associate degree Pedagogical Professional Child and Education. A different subject, but an extension of each other, he believes. He enjoys talking about it.

A people person. Curious. Creative. That's how Rick dares to describe himself. For ten years he was a classroom teacher in special education in Hulst, his hometown. Rick: "That was a great time, the work is rewarding to do. But I noticed that I was eventually ready for a new step in my life."

The switch to pedagogy compared to primary education is not surprising. Rick: "I am still working with people and sharing knowledge. I have to admit though: working with adults is different from primary education. In the beginning, I did miss the children. Their dynamics are very special, I really enjoyed that contact. But above all, teaching made me happy. And whether that is children or students at a college: that essence remains the same."

The great thing about training students in pedagogy, Rick thinks, is that he can still shape them in a way. Rick: "An awful lot is happening in the world of youth care and child development, that industry is always on the move. Students are still at the cradle of their careers as pedagogues, so they can move with those developments. As far as I am concerned, there is still so much to gain in professional practice. Consider, for instance, how a city government uses assistance in certain forms of support. There is often so much room for improvement. I think it's great to be able to contribute to that."

Although it was a somewhat strange start for Rick due to the pandemic, he is most of all happy with his job at HZ. Rick: "It's crazy starting in a new job when you can't meet many colleagues and students physically. But I am curious by nature, so I completely immerse myself in all the processes, systems and subjects. Even if it has to be digital. I find everything extremely interesting. Fortunately, I get to work with a nice team. I have already been able to learn a lot from colleagues!"

Last modified on: 05-07-2024