At HZ, Nikki is doing her bit as a Policy Support Officer. Not a preconceived plan, because she actually wanted to continue studying after her Business Administration studies. Nikki: "But I saw a vacancy at HZ on Facebook and I thought: I'll just give it a try. They asked for someone with a lot of experience and a WO background. I didn't have both, which is precisely why I am so grateful that HZ gave me this opportunity."

As a policy support officer, Nikki attends board meetings and takes notes. Even meetings with the college council are no longer foreign to Nikki. Although it is a crazy time to step into a position like this. Nikki: "In the summer, I saw some people, but now almost everyone works from home. That's crazy and of course I miss the excitement. A chat with colleagues, but also the presence of students around you. But that will come back again."


'So much happens in education, I like that'


Despite the somewhat strange time, Nikki already knows she loves working in education. Nikki: "There is so much happening here. The withdrawal of the basic scholarship has created money for colleges and universities, that they must spend on improving the quality of education. Among other things, HZ has chosen to allow staff and students to submit project proposals. Those projects are very diverse, which I like. From making HZ and its surroundings more sustainable to looking at what motivates students to stay in Zeeland. My role in this is mainly coordinating, such as making sure the application rounds are planned and organised."

Nikki herself still enjoys Zeeland every day. Working from home allows her to walk a lap along the dyke in her breaks. In her free time, she likes to go to the gym, play tennis and when the weather allows, she likes to travel. "And of course I can be found on beaches in Zeeland in the summers!"


Last modified on: 05-07-2024