So, you want to know about Middelburg?

Well, there are many things to say about this small city in Zeeland often refereed as Little Amsterdam by locals. There’s a high chance you want to know more about the city because you are (or might) move here soon and want more details about this city you probably haven’t heard about.

Want more information? Well, you’re in luck! I have composed a list of details that may come in handy before or during your living in Middelburg.

The boring details

Population: 48,544
Area: 53.05 km²
Quantity of McDonalds: 1
Quantity of Starbucks: 0

The fun stuff

Nature: there are many parks located across Middelburg. Want to go for a walk? Why don’t you follow the canal from the HZ University of Applied Sciences in Middelburg, you get to walk parallel to the canal seeing beautiful houses, ducks, sheep if you’re lucky, and various dogs on their walks with their owners. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can also check out Toorenvliet. This park is full of old bunkers with various poems written on their walls (they’re in Dutch so make sure to download a translating app before). Do you want to pet a cow? Well Jesse, the cow, can be found in the Het Meiveld Park, which is also perfect for star gazing, especially on meteor shower nights.

Food: Middelburg is full of nice places to eat. I’ve organised them a bit on category below

  • Sushi: HIGHLY recommend going or ordering Hontoni’s Sushi place. They are cheap and delicious. But, if you are having a competition on who can eat the most sushi, take your friends to Sakura Huis. There you have the option of 'all you can eat' sushi.
  • Italian: Are you craving Italian, but are kind of on a tight budget? Go check out Il Senso. They have delicious pizzas and pasta.
  • Burger: Frietboetiek BT'je Anders is the place to go. These are the best burgers I have found in Middelburg (if you have a better recommendation send it to me though). They come with caramelised onions in a buttery bun. If you do go, highly recommend getting some fries while you’re at it. They are so great that the student ambassadors had a trip there just to eat fries. But if you want a familiar taste, you can always cycle to the McDonalds and enjoy a burger.
  • American: If you are craving ribs, there is a place (delivery only) called Express Spareribs that has some amazing ones. They also have different sauce options so you’re more than welcome to try all of them.
  • 2 am food craving: Pizza Amore has been there for students through thick and thin, and by that, I mean they were delivering food at ungodly hours after everything is closed. The amount of variety they have is insane, meaning whatever you are craving they probably make it.
  • Desserts: You haven’t lived (in Middelburg) if you haven’t gone to Honeypie. If you have a sweet tooth (like me) go to this tea house that is a 5 minute walk from the university. There is a variety of cakes, all equally delicious. And if its nice outside you can also order a picnic box filled with treats. Are you craving croissants or a fruity cheesecake? Luk’s Bakery is the way to go. All the UCR students get their croissants and bread from there and let me tell you it is worth going. Are you craving ice cream? There are so many places to choose from, but I am loyal to the Ijswinckel located on the town square. There’s a variety of ice creams including a flavor of the month. There are also vegan sorbets if you prefer.
  • Farmer’s market: On Thursdays there is a market in the town square. Here you can get a variety of foodstuff. Like fruits and vegetables, nuts, dried fruits, cheese, etc. Tip - Go to the Greek stand and buy the feta cheese, it is deliciously fresh and perfect for that feta tomato pasta sauce that blew up on tiktok. Or you can get a daily baked bread with feta inside as a snack. They also have baklava which tastes delicious.

Shopping: In Middelburg there is a variety of options where to buy things. The rule of thumb is go to Action before any other place. This shop is a life saver and will have a variety of items, and regularly has new items including small furniture pieces and appliances. There are a lot of small local boutiques with a variety of jewelry, decorative items, and clothes. Secondhand shops are also spread around the city and you can find little tokens for cheap.

Sustainability: If you would like to be more ecofriendly apart from separating your trash, there are some things you can do. Secondhand shops often have items you might look for, like cutlery, plates, cups, etc. There is also a clothes donation shop (Kledingbank Zeeland) where they donate most items and sell the rest. The money earned from sales is then used to buy underwear, socks, and other items to then be donated too. If you have other items to donate, you can always give these to the secondhand shops where they can help find it new owners.

Hope this has helped you prepare for your life in Middelburg. Hope to welcome you soon!


Last modified on: 03-07-2024