Moving abroad always implies changes in someone's life. You have a new home, your group of friends is different, and so is your daily routine. But most of all - it's you who's changing! А part of those inner changes I'd like to share with you from my own experience.

1. Stronger personality

It is always difficult to discover something new in your life. It brings you experience, but it is not easy to make the first step. I was living in my home country for 17 years, and at one moment I had to move to a totally new place with new people. Obscurity always scares a lot! However, when I moved I met new people and started to understand that I can achieve more once I overcome my comfort zone. Simply said, the feeling of being on your own in another country is quite empowering. Of course, it would be much easier for me to live with my family in my home town, but it wouldn't make me a different person with a stronger personality.


2. Independence

Independence plays a huge role in the life of a 17-19-year-old person. When we grow up, we want to have the possibility to have a full control over our lives, but living with parents can make that a bit harder. However, only after you move out you realize how much comfort your parents were offering you. Think about doing the laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, dealing with money, the list goes on and on. That's up to you now! Although I still depend on my parents financially, I can proudly say I'm a fully independent person in all the other aspects. I got used to solving problems on my own, and it brings me so much happiness that I'm not the child, who runs to her parents when a problem appears.

3. Confidence

In this case I've gained confidence as a side-effect of being independent. When I was living with my parents I was not too confident, because I knew that I can't solve all my problems. Honestly, this dependence made me an even more childish person. However, once you start living on your own, and it goes well, you get this internal strength, which moves you forward. You realize you're the only one who'll resolve your issues and fight your battles. Your parents are still there to support you, but it's not really the same. You understand that if you can live on your own, then you can do ANYTHING.

4. Citizen of the world

When I was living in my home town, I heard the phrase “citizen of the world” so many times, but I didn’t quite understand its meaning. When you live in your home country for a long period of time, you feel that you belong to a specific place and call it your “home”. You have these borders in your mind regarding foreign countries. However, when you move to a different country and live there for a long time, you realize that your home can be wherever you want. These mind borders you had before disappear, and you understand that you don't belong to only one specific place. It can be possible to live this year at one place, and next year to move to a different country. I have experienced this change on my own and I can assure you it's awesome! Being a citizen of the world brings you to the understanding that you can choose the most suitable place for yourself in the world. There are so many amazing places in the world, and it's almost "not right" to stay at one place for your whole life. Now, I feel that I am the citizen of the world and it's not just words.

5. No fear of new pages in your life

I'm sure you've heard this phrase so many times from people that want to initiate a change in their life. But did they really open a new page? Well, YOU certainly will, just like every person who's moved to study abroad and trust me, it really feels like an entirely new page. As I said before, obscurity scares a lot. I was scared that I won't find friends or won't feel that the new place is suitable for me. And let me tell you, those fears turned out wrong. You will find someone who'll have the same interests like you, you will find favourite places in a new city, you will feel comfortable in the place where you're living. That’s how moving abroad makes you a person who's capable of starting new pages in life. That's handy because many more are yet to come!

You're probably familiar with all those quotes that encourage you to become a better version of yourself. Now you know one way to do so! Would like to know more about studying in The Netherlands? Read our free whitepaper!


Last modified on: 10-07-2024