Published 24th January 2017
You have checked our website, read about our Civil Engineering and Water Management courses and programmes available. Do you still have some questions? Are you still wondering if the HZ suits best with your interests? Join us at the HZ Open Day where our students, lecturers and researchers can answer all your questions.

But that’s not all! During this day, you can see with your own eyes how your student life in Vlissingen could look like. You will meet your future teachers and future colleagues that give you a tour of our facilities and tell more about their own experiences. Still not convinced? Check out what more the HZ Open Day has to offer for you below.


1. You'll get further insights into our study programmes

One of the main activities of the Open Day is the programme presentation where one of your future teachers will give you a pitch about how it is to study at the Delta Academy.

Here's what you can expect:

  • extra information about the curriculum (What are the differences between Delta and Water Management? How do our current students experience our study programmes? What are the specific courses you will have?)
  • examples of group projects (How are group projects related to the work field? How many projects do you have? What is the goal of the projects?)
  • examples of research assignments (Why is it important to carry out applied research during your studies? What kind of research assignments do Civil Engineering and Water Management students perform?)
  • examples of thesis assignments (Which companies and countries are popualr among students?

Do you still have questions afterwards? The teachers have plenty of time to answer them for you!


2. You'll see what our practical approach really means

Join us in our laboratoriums. Current students and lecturers shell out the secrets of our practical work.

  • Hydraulic lab - shows the wonders of the water movements and understanding its patterns.
  • Ecology lab - provides the instruments for biological analysis, such as microscopes and chemicals, and the current project of the Aquarium room where you can find ecosystems from all over the world.
  • The SeaLab - is a laboratory for projects of the Aquaculture and Building with Nature research groups. They mainly carry out experiments with algae and shellfish production.

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3. You'll meet prospective employers

One of the highlights of the Open Day at the Delta Academy is the Work Field Café. That’s where you can find our applied research centres and companies active in the field of Water Management and/or Civil Engineering. This is your chance to Talk to professionals that are working in the field that you are looking forward to study. At the Last open day four companies and governmental organisations joined the event.

Who can you expect?

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4. You'll meet current students and hear about their experiences

Our international students will be waiting for you with a warm welcoming as soon as you get to the university. A gathering with the international office happens afterwards, where they give more information about how it is to study abroad from our students perspectives and our team experience.

Learning from other students’ experiences can help you to figure out if you’d like the HZ and the atmosphere, and of course the student life. Besides that, you are already starting to build your professional network.


5. Enjoy the benefits for international students

Are you an international student? Would you like to join us? Then take advantage of our offer for 2 nights of free accommodation and a dinner with our international students. Like that you get to experience life in Vlissingen and meet current and prospective students from all over the world. Just make sure to notify us when you register.

Are you ready to discover more about Civil Engineering and Water Management at the HZ? Would you like to meet your future university?


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