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Mireille Martens


Mireille Martens studied Water Management at HZ University of Applied Science and holds a Master's degree in Environmental Science from the University of Halmstad (Sweden) where she specialized in wetlands.
She started working at HZ as a lecturer and since November 2019 as project leader of the TKI wetland project. The purpose of this project is to research if wetlands can be used as pre-treatment to reduce the amount of biofouling in water technologies downstream (for example Ion Exchange and Reverse Osmosis ) when treating industrial and municipal waste water.
Aside from her work with the Water Technology group, Mireille also teaches within various courses in the Water Management programme, such as Environmental Chemistry, Hydrology and Advanced Water Technology.
In addition to her job at HZ, Mireille works at another company that designs and commissions constructed wetlands.