Mireille Martens

Mireille Martens

Mireille Martens obtained a Bachelor's degree in Psychology in Belgium, studied Aquatic Ecotechnology at HZ University of Applied Science in the Netherlands and holds a Master's degree in Environmental Science from the University of Halmstad (Sweden), where she specialized in wetlands.
She started at HZ as a researcher-lecturer. From 2019 to 2021 she worked as project leader of the TKI wetland project investigating whether wetlands can be used as a pre-treatment to reduce the amount of biofouling in a desalination plant (e.g. Ion Exchange and Reverse Osmosis). She is currently researching how the cities of Middelburg and Vlissingen can be made more climate-adaptive (Dutch grant OP Zuid) with focus on improving water quality in urban environments through blue-green solutions. In addition, as project leader she is responsible for work package 4 of Aquatuur Interreg Flanders The Nederlands. This project investigates to what extent wetlands can contribute to freshwater availability in a water-scarce region.
In addition to her work at the Water Technology group, Mireille also teaches various modules of the Water Management course, such as Ecological water quality, Hydrology and Advanced Water Technology.
In addition to her job at HZ, Mireille works for a Belgian company that constructs and designs wetlands. Here, too, she is mainly involved in research projects such as the Horizon 2020 project Multi Source, where the reuse of treated wastewater is being investigated at a Belgian campsite. Another example is the H2pOwer project, subsidized by the Flemish government, with the aim of realizing additional water treatment via a riparian plant roof that is fed with treated waste water - through a wetland - from an office building.




In the Interreg Flanders-Netherlands project Aquatuur, the partners want to increase freshwater…