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Emma McAteer

Coordinator Water Technology

Emma McAteer is the Coordinator of the Water Technology Research Group within HZ University of Applied Sciences. She joined HZ in 2015 and in her capacity as researcher and now coordinator of this group she has worked on various projects covering themes such as fresh water reuse in the forms of GO-Fresh II, FRESH4Cs (Alternative Fresh Water resources for Coastal Areas), Robust water system Zeeuws-Vlaanderen and also resource recovery and reuse in the form of NEREUS (New Energy and Resources for Urban Sanitation).
Aside from her work with the research group Emma is a lecturer in water technology for the Bachelor Programme BSc Water Management: Aquatic Eco Technology.
Emma graduated with a Master in Environmental Engineering from Queen’s University of Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2010 and worked for several years as a process engineer for small-scale domestic and commercial biological wastewater treatment plants in Northern Ireland before joining HZ.