'Real passion, real love for the profession can be seen in the way one works, the commitment, the way one talks about the work. That passion, that drive can be found in the articles of this HZ Discovery'. There is no better recommendation to start reading the magazine than from editor Paul Vader in his foreword. In this winter edition of the magazine on applied research at HZ you will read, among other things:

  • An interview with the new lector Biobased Construction Frank Huijben. "Ecologically-responsible building, that's the building of the future," he says.
  • An interview with three associate lectoren, a new position at the HZ. Why was this position created and what do Tanja Moerdijk, Jean Marie Buijs and Vana Tsimopoulou actually do?
  • A story with Jaco de Smit of Building with Nature who talks about his PhD research on the stability of intertidal areas
  • And a farewell interview with Hans de Bruin who looks back on his period as lector of Expertise and Valorisation Management.

Read the HZ Discovery here.