• Date: Thursday, Jan. 25, 2024, 3 p.m. to 5:45 p.m.
  • Location: Joint Research Center Zeeland, Middelburg
  • Target Group: Researchers and teachers of Scalda, HZ, UCR and the three partners of Delta Climate Center: Wageningen University and Research, Utrecht University en NIOZ

The educational and knowledge institutions Scalda, HZ and UCR want to work together in the Innovation Cluster Zeeland on the important transition issues for this region. Together there is a lot of expertise in house and the teachers and researchers of the institutions can learn a lot from each other.

They see Zeeland as a living lab. "Indeed, working on the big issues we do not only in facilities such as JRCZ, Technum and Anne, but also through all kinds of projects at locations throughout the province. With the arrival of the Delta Climate Center and programs such as Energy Campus and New Waves, cooperation on transition issues will be further intensified," says Joeri Versluis, one of the organizers of this meeting.

Strategic projects

The January 25 working session is a follow-up to the June 29 meeting this year. That session was all about getting acquainted and exploring opportunities for (even) more cooperation. The meeting at the JRCZ began with an overview of the major, strategic projects currently underway:

  • Living Lab Zeeland (Zeeland Innovation Cluster Foundation)
  • Delta Climate Center
  • New Waves (Katapult)
  • Energy Campus

During the second part, participants break up into smaller groups to consider opportunities for (further) cooperation around the themes of water, energy, food, technology, data science and biobased. Possibilities to use certain subsidies together will also be discussed.

Sign up

Curious about colleagues' expertise, activities and facilities? Do you enjoy networking with people in the same field? And do you have ideas about cooperation in Zeeland education? Then sign up here for the working session on Thursday, January 25, from 3:00 to 5:45 pm. The meeting will conclude with a snack and drink.