On September 20, a training day on hydrogen and safety will take place in Vlissingen. The event is organized by HZ University of Applied Sciences, Scalda, and Schelde Safety Network.

The day lasts from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, followed by networking with snacks and drinks. Participants will receive a mix of technical-theoretical aspects, experience stories, and practical experience related to hydrogen safety. In the morning, guest speakers will guide participants through the developments in hydrogen and its safety aspects. The speakers are:

- Rens Hamelink – Smart Delta Resources

- Jeroen Tap – Dow Benelux B.V.

- Sanne Buisman – Equans

- Colin Zegers – ITIS B.V. (Industrial Testing & Inspection Services)

In the afternoon, participants will engage in two practical activities:

- Conducting experiments in the Hydrogen Lab of HZ and Scalda

- A hydrogen safety training at the Safety Center in Vlissingen

There are a maximum of 50 spots available. The cost is 199 euros per person. The day starts at HZ on Edisonweg in Vlissingen. To register, send an email to nexus@hz.nl.