Due to its industrial sector, the Province of Zeeland faces a significant climate challenge. However, the energy transition also presents many opportunities, such as the development of green hydrogen as a clean fuel and raw material.

To successfully navigate this transition, substantial investments and well-trained personnel are required. To address the latter, HZ University of Applied Sciences and Scalda have joined forces. In the Just Transition Fund project HCA Green Hydrogen, they are training the professionals of the future. Eight technical vocational (MBO) and eight higher professional (HBO) education programs will incorporate modules on green hydrogen. Additionally, there will be courses for current professionals.

These students will soon receive lessons in a practical hydrogen training facility. The lab at HZ in Vlissingen will feature, among other things, a fuel cell demo set (demonstrating how to convert hydrogen into electricity via a fuel cell), hydrogen practice sets, a sustainable scale model home, fuel cells, and various types of electrolyzers.

The hydrogen lab, as it is known on the work floor, will be officially opened on Friday, June 14, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM with a special program. The practical facility has been made possible through financial support from the Stichting Zeeuwse Publieke Belangen.