The climate is changing because the Earth is warming. The consequences of extreme weather such as very dry and wet periods are noticeable. The sea level is also rising. Predictions show that the impact on our daily lives in the future will be significant. Especially for Zeeland, a lot will change. That's why we need to think now about solutions to ensure that we can continue to live, work, and thrive safely here.

A lot of research is already being done on how we can protect the Netherlands from sea level rise. This is done through three possible scenarios: protection, seaward, and adaptation. The solutions that emerge from this will influence how we live in Zeeland in the future and what our landscape will look like.

But what could this mean for you personally? What future do you envision? What does it mean for the choices that need to be made? And how can we organize this as a society so that all voices are heard?


In this Meet Up, information will be shared by experts and you will have the floor. Experts participating include Teun Terpstra, lector in Resilient Deltas at HZ University of Applied Sciences, and Herman Kasper Gilissen, professor at Delta Climate Center, specializing in water law.


We are curious about your ideas for the future. There is room for a maximum of 50 participants, so sign up! Participation is free.

6:00 PM Reception with coffee and tea

6:30 PM Conversation with experts and each other

8:00 PM World Café: further discussions in small groups

9:30 PM Conclusion