HZ Knowledge Centre for Coastal Tourism (HZ KCKT) is organising the second edition of Kennisupdate LIVE on Thursday 29 February. It is the knowledge event for the province's leisure sector.

The common thread in this year's presentations is 'working together for tourism'. Kennisupdate LIVE will take place at the HZ in Vlissingen from 13:30 to 17:30. After the opening by Barbara Oomen, chairman of the HZ Executive Board, the knowledge centre will provide insight into figures, facts and trends on tourism and leisure in Zeeland.

This will be followed by four sub-sessions. Visitors can choose from: 'The impact of Airbnb in Zeeland' by Maarten Soeters of the knowledge centre and Susanne Brugman of Sweco Netherlands, 'Balance and residents' by Daniek Nijland and Keisa Meyjes (HZ KCKT), 'Energy and climate' by Simon Witt, Noëlle Verhage and Bram Wortelboer (HZ KCKT) and 'Debate on the strategy of spreading in time and space' by Diana Korteweg Maris and Simone Romijn (HZ KCKT).

You can register for the event here.