The Water Management program at HZ University of Applied Sciences is celebrating its 33.3 year anniversary.

It will celebrate this on January 26, 2024 with a major water event at the HZ and Joint Research Center Zeeland in Middelburg. Students, teachers, alumni and former employees are welcome all day at the 'Water Connects' event.

There will be speakers, workshops and presentations, all of which will focus on water. The organization is still looking for former students to share their knowledge in these workshops. "We are creating a dike of a program with content and fun in which we transfer our passion for water to alumni and a new generation of water managers," says lecturer Jouke Heringa. People who sign up through this website will receive a commemorative booklet to 33.3 years of Water Management. Apply through this website.

The course is one of the crown jewels of the HZ. Started as AET (Aquatic Ecotechnology), studying the water system in all its aspects, it has grown into a program with three majors. In addition to AET, students can choose Delta Management and Spatial Planning & Design. This has also added the social and spatial challenges of a sustainable delta to the educational offerings.