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Think Global, Act Local!

HZ Green Office is run by students and staff, that – together with internal and external partners – works on local sustainability projects and initiatives. The HZ itself and its local environment serve as living lab for taking sustainability measures and developing innovative solutions. By organising different projects and events, the HZ Green Office helps to build an (international) community focused on creating a positive impact.

Projects and events HZ Green Office organises weekly cleanups along the beaches and waterways in Zeeland, in collaboration with parties such as Doe Mee Verlos de Zee, Rijkswaterstaat, stichting Strandexploitatie Veere, companies, and municipalities. These actions are combined with researching the kind of waste we find, where, and how much. Other projects are waste separation and prevention, the “Student Garden”, carpooling, stimulating bike traffic and electric driving, and many more! An overview of all projects and events can be found on hzgreenoffice.nl.

Think Global, Act Local! Students from different educational programmes, both Dutch and international, are working together focusing on creating a sustainable study, work and living environment. Everyone is most welcome to take part in one or several projects.

Support for projects and events Do you want to realise your own idea for a project or event or seek for help from green minded students for your own event? Contact us to find out how the HZ Green Office can provide support!

Contact Email us at hzgreenoffice.nl, or find us in our office at HZ University, Vlissingen, at the end of the PE2-hallway.

Projects and events

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