Raquel studies Industrial Engineering & Management at HZ in Middelburg, Netherlands. In this video, she talks about her education and how she was helped at HZ as an international student.

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What do you like best about studying Industrial, Engineering & Management at HZ?

"With this study programme we learn bits of every department. And with that knowledge of every department, we are able to manage whole projects. For me, it was also very motivating to see that what I was learning in the lectures, I was able to use it, or see it in real life."

How was the transition from Mexico to The Netherlands, and what support did you receive?

"The transition from Mexico to The Netherlands was very smooth. The International Office of HZ gave us a guideline. And also, it was very helpful that we had student buddies. The second year students were always helping us. Not only with the topics of the HZ, but also if we had any question about anything related. My sister Sarah is also studying at HZ, so it was also a very nice support to have her, and to keep motivating each other."

What are your plans for your internship and your outlook for the future?

"This year, I will have my internship, I have a lot of flexibility of which kind of company or department I want to work at. Thanks to this programme I will be able to adapt, also in the future. Later on I want to make an impact. I hope I can do something to make this world a better place. When I will be older, I'd like to start my own company."

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