Why did you opt for the new River Delta Development master?

“For me, this master is a great continuation of my HBO Water Management programme at Hogeschool Rotterdam. During this bachelor programme I mainly learnt how to manage urban water systems, with themes such as: climate adaptation, urban development and water safety. What appealed to me in this master is that you not only study water in the city, but also the coastal water system in Zeeland and the river water system in Velp. With my background in Water Management, I hope to contribute to changes in the environment, which is strongly reflected in this master.”

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What is it like to do one study programme at three different universities of applied sciences?

“I really enjoy it and it is one of the reasons I chose to enrol in this master. I am from Rotterdam and it was a bit crazy to suddenly move to Middelburg. Something I would not have done myself but this way I get the opportunity to spend six months in another city. We got help to find accommodation and I got to know my fellow students quite quickly. Once every two weeks we go for a beer together, those small bars in Middelburg are really quite cosy.”

What is it like to study this new first-year Master?

“It is quite challenging, but great fun at the same time. Together with our team of lecturers we are literally discovering where we are heading and what exactly we have to do to reach our goals. It is new for everyone and that has a positive effect. We set learning targets together. To give an example: I am quite good at presentations, something that I often did during my previous study. Within this programme everyone can set learning targets for themselves and I chose to learn how to hold even better presentations. It’s nice to see that you can enhance your skills even further that way.”

What makes this programme unique according to you?

“That it is a practical master. The programme is based on a demand from the professional field and that offers many benefits. You notice that people in the business world are really eager to recruit people with a diploma such as this one. We work a lot on location, at water boards and with various municipalities. You notice that we are being taken seriously because we have already graduated from a bachelor’s degree therefore, we can communicate with stakeholders at an equal level. An additional advantage is that our teaching material is very up-to-date. People are currently conducting research into the topics we are tackling in class and they are now bringing this to the table. It is good to hear that they consider it advantageous that we are also studying the material.”

What is the most valuable part of this programme for you so far?

“I learn the most from a project we are carrying out in a living lab with six students. During this project we work together in a multidisciplinary team of students with different study backgrounds such as Water Management, Civil Engineering, Land and Water Management. I notice that every student has a different approach to the project, not only in project management but also when writing a text. That way we learn a lot from each other. The students come from all over the world and view things differently. Also, politically. That provides our group with a variety of great discussions and new insights!”

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