Logistics Engineering: Maryam heard that HZ offers one of the best Logistics courses

Why did you choose to study Logistics Engineering at HZ University of Applied Sciences?

I chose Vlissingen because I got a lot of recommendations from other Omani students here and I also heard that HZ offers one of the best Logistics courses. It’s in the top 3 study programme for international students. This is why I’m in Vlissingen and it’s a really beautiful town to study here.

How was your transition from your home country to the Netherlands?

To come here from a country with a different language was definitely a challenge for me. From my first year I faced a little bit of problems because I was a bit shy so I thought I would not be able to make friends. Surprisingly, I have a lot of friends now and most of them are Dutch. They are so friendly and they try their best to communicate in English even though it is not their mother-tongue. I meet them outside of the university and it is a great environment.

Any other comment?

The HZ environment is the perfect place for a student to study and they’re trying their best to offer the best experience and knowledge in Logistics.

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