Why did you choose Logistics Engineering?

I chose Logistics Engineering because I really like to plan and to organise. All the jobs that are connected to Logistics have a lot to do with planning and organising.

How does it feel to learn a study programme in a different language?

Having classes in a different language was tough at the beginning, everyone was working with google translate or dictionary. After a month or so, you get used to it – if you start thinking in English then it’s okay.

What are your plans after your studies?

After my studies I would really like to work in a harbour as a planner, in a warehouse or in a distribution center. I would also prefer to work abroad and not in the Netherlands. There are definitely opportunities after following the educational programme in English instead of Dutch because a lot of the Logistics world is in English. Therefore, if you’re already talking in English then you get used to the language more.

How does it feel to be in an international class?

To be accepted as a Dutch girl in an international class is good. They try to learn Dutch, so they would ask me for help and also try to accept our culture.

How is the student life in Vlissingen?

The student life is great, there is a beach nearby and a cinema as well. It’s quite a small town so you can walk everywhere if you want to or by bike. Usually every weekend we have parties that you could go to and as a student that’s wonderful.