Sinan from Turkey studies Industrial Engineering & Management at HZ in Middelburg, Netherlands. As the son of an entrepreneur, he grew up among factories. His dream? To build his own company.

Why did you choose to study Industrial Engineering & Management?

"I've always wanted to be a manager because I’m a son of two entrepreneurs. And I've been living inside and out of factories throughout my whole life."

What makes Industrial Engineering and Management unique and interesting for young students like yourself?

"It's unique because it’s both management and engineering. Companies like that because you know how to be a manager and how te be an engineer, which means: more salary!"

HZ is an university of applied sciences. How does this help you in your ambitions?

"This study programme is very unique and different because you can work while studying. This is very beneficial for your network. When we're looking for interested companies after graduating, we know where to go, who to talk to and how to talk. Applied sciences prepare us to be managers even before graduating. And that’s really important."

For example, what interesting jobs are there?

"There are many paths we can take, such as project managers, asset management, maintenance, or even higher management positions like CEO. There's a lot we can explore."

Why would you recommend HZ?

"At HZ you're building your future while studying. That's the best thing. It’s very valuable."

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