I discovered HZ thanks to my college councillor. At first, I never really acknowledged the possibility of studying Logistics Engineering, but my dad works in this field too. So I already knew something about the work. Gradually things fell into place. I found out that the Logistics Engineering programme at HZ has come out as best in its field several times. That definitely caught my attention. So I set out to learn more and found out that Vlissingen is a charming student town with a lot of history and culture. I also found out how personal the educational system of HZ is. All those things combined made me want to come here.

Small Classes 
When I started checking out colleges, I mainly thought: “when I finish in four years’ time, I want to find a job.” I did not want to spend my years in big schools with classes of over a hundred people. In that respect, HZ is a great match. We have a small class and I can talk to my teacher whenever I want, but I know things are not like that at all universities. 

Making Friends
Because my parents moved a lot I am used to making new friends. I am quite a social guy and I like to talk to people. I think I know most international students here now. You get to know a lot of people during the introduction week. The HZ is the perfect place to make real new friends. It is an intimate place, with small classes. A place where you don’t just meet new people, but actually get to know new people. Me and my friends hang out, we play soccer or watch soccer together and I like to cook for all of my friends.

Central Location
One of the things I immediately liked about Vlissingen, is its central location. It is close to Amsterdam. From there, I can take a direct flight home. The Netherlands and Vlissingen are real easy places to travel around. Every now and then, me and my friends make trips to other cities by train. When you visit friends at home, you have to take the car. Here, you simply walk there or take your bike and you will be there in five minutes.

Real Hands-on Experience
The fact that HZ is a University of Applied Sciences was an extra motivation for me to go there. When I apply for a job, I can tell them that, in my third week here, I was already visiting companies and talking to people about theories we were still about to learn! What I learn here, happens in company life. So far, we have visited three companies and a logistics exhibition with all the latest innovations. And we have made lots of practical assignments. During one company visit, we got to work on process mapping. We analysed the company’s processes and made suggestions for improvements. A real hands-on experience.

Preparation for Working Life
What I like about Logistics Engineering is that it will help me find the kind of work I am interested in. I really like working out how a company works, finding out what can be improved and thinking up ways to do so. For me, studying is not about the grades. I study a subject because I want to know what I am talking about when I start working. I want my work to matter and do it in the best possible way. The HZ prepares me for that.