Student counselling

The well-being of every student is a primary focus. We realize that students invest in us as an education facility. Therefore we invest in our students to help them make the most of their higher educational experience. During your time studying at HZ, you will be faced with many choices regarding everything from course selection to research project topics, work placements and more. These choices can be difficult and confusing. This is why lecturers and staff at the HZ put great emphasis on individual student coaching and counselling.

Study Career Coach
Beginning in your first year with the HZ, you will be assigned a personal study career coach to assist with mapping out your individual study plan. This is extremely helpful in the beginning because at this stage you may not be fully aware of all possibilities available to help reach your goals. As you progress in in your studies, you will gradually make decisions independently but your personal coach is always available for advice.  

Student Counselling
In addition to guidance provided by your study career coach, HZ also offers an on-campus Student Counselling Bureau for any personal matter. Consisting of counsellors, student psychologist and student pastor, this centre is a resource for all students who need help of any kind. It is a point of contact for guidance, support, advice and information. Here you will find trusted representatives for complaints and any problems you may encounter.

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