Honours Programme

Are you ambitious and looking for an extra challenge alongside your course? Then the Honours Programme may be perfect for you! In your second and third year of your study you will be given the opportunity to further develop yourself, to broaden your knowledge and to gain experience in an international environment.

The Honours Programme is for second and third year students who enjoy doing a little extra in addition to their course and who feel socially involved. Participation is not a matter of course: you will start with a letter of application and a recommendation from the course you are following.

A community
You will form a community together with other students as soon as you’ve been accepted. You will get to work on a social issue together, one which you can think of yourselves. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a national of international issue, it’s up to you! Successful participation leads to an Honours certificate and a Letter of Recommendation for a continuation of your studies and/or for job applications.

The world at your feet
The fact that the Honours Programme is an extraordinary experience is proven by the students in the video below. The students visited America, the Philippines and India.

Something for you?
You care what happens in the world. In addition, just following a course is not enough for you, you want more! You want to develop even more and collaborate with other students, nationally and internationally.

Do you want to know more about the Honours program?
Contact Joeri Versluis: j.versluis@hz.nl

Student experience

Jessica Water Management Student "It is a high mountain you need to climb, but you will have a great experience." Read about Jessica's project
Parissa Tourism Management "If you are curious about the world, love to travel and enjoy the company of strangers, the Honours Programme will blow you away." Read Parissa's experience
Yoni Water Management Student "Since I want to start my own business, I really wanted to work on a project in which I was fully interested in." Read Yoni's story