The HZ has modern provisions at your disposal. Our lecture halls and superbly designed laboratories all boast excellent equipment. You will find student work areas throughout the HZ and we have an interactive information network, MyHZ, that helps to optimise your study environment. The modern facilities we offer contribute to the high quality education you receive.

Studying with a disability

The HZ has a number of facilities for students with a disability. These include accessible areas, an arrangement for students with dyslexia, available areas for students with diabetes, and adjustments during examinations. Feel free to contact us with any question you may have about studying with a disability.

Multimedia Library

The multimedia library serves the entire HZ University of Applied Sciences. Here you will find information in different media forms for students and staff members. It is possible to work on assignments and projects at the multimedia library. Alongside general topics, the main focus of the library collection is the degree programme subjects and their associated professional fields.

IT Facilities

The HZ has approximately 400 computers available for students. You can find computers in the library, classrooms and course-related areas, such as laboratories and simulation rooms. Computers and software are continuously renewed and updated to keep up with the rapid developments in this sector.
The Information Provision and Automation Department offers you advice and support with all questions or problems in the field of IT and is available for all students, employees and guests of the HZ. Various different products and service related to IT are also available.

Open Learning Centre

The Open Learning Centre (OLC) allows you to make use of facilities like PC work stations, scanners, video equipment and audio equipment for self-study purposes. All the PC’s in the OLC will allow you to surf the internet for free.


The Atrium is open for hot snacks and meals throughout the entire day. In addition to the fresh food and drinks ready to take away, various sandwiches can be freshly prepared to order. There is also a salad bar where you can make your own salad. In addition you will find machines spread across the school where you can buy hot and soft drinks and sweets.

AV Services

The Audio-visual services have a supporting role within HZ University of Applied Sciences. This means that the department is primarily focused on helping, supervising and advising students and staff in the field of audio-visual applications.