How to prepare for your arrival in The Netherlands

You are about to leave for the Netherlands to study at HZ. This will surely be one of the most exciting and life changing experiences of your life! To assist in your preparations we give you some important practical information.

Practical information

Read carefully what you need to arrange when you decide to study in The Netherlands.


Everyone in the Netherlands must have an insurance for medical expenses. As a foreign student you will need to take out a healthcare insurance and we strongly advise to take out a third-party liability insurance. Also make sure you have a travel insurance.

As an EU-student, you are not required to take out Dutch public healthcare insurance if you are already insured in your home country. Your insurance company can provide you with the European Health Insurance Card(EHIC). Before you leave your home country, we would advise you to check with your insurance company whether everything is covered for your study abroad. For example, in addition to your EHIC, you can take out the ICS Start or ICS Start+ in from AON Student insurance. This is a reliable company with sufficient coverage. 

Non-EU students
Non-EU students need to take out private international healthcare insurance. You can choose to take out in your home country, but we advise you to take out insurance in the Netherlands because foreign insurance companies do not cover liability in the Netherlands. For example, the ICS complete package from AON Student insurance is a reliable company with sufficient coverage.

Dutch basic healthcare insurance 
From the moment you have a part-time job, you are required to take out Dutch basic healthcare insurance. If you intend to do a paid internship in the Netherlands, you might need to take out the Dutch basic healthcare insurance as well (depending on the remuneration you receive). Please click here for more detailed information.          

Dutch bank account

If you will be living in the Netherlands it might be convenient to open a Dutch bank account. HZ has a collaboration with ING.  Students from these (SEPA) countries can use their current bank account(s) in the Netherlands. 

The following students can open a ING Student Account:

  • Non-EU students 
  • Students from these (SEPA) countries who are an HZ student longer than 1 year
  • The minimum age to open a bank account is 18 years

Steps to open ING Student Account
1. Book an appointment
2. Make sure you bring the following documents to the appointment:

  • Passport/ID
  • BSN Number (citizen service number which you will receive from the townhall after registering in the municipality)

ING Student Insurance
When you open an ING Student Account we strongly recommend you to include the ING Student Insurance (Costs are € 3,12 per month); This insurance package includes 3 insurances; 

  • Liability Insurance 
  • Household Insurance 
  • Accident Insurance
Registration with town hall

All foreign students staying in the Netherlands for a period longer than four months have to register with the municipal register (gemeentelijke basisadministratie) of the Dutch town where they are living. 

How to get to HZ?

It is easiest to travel by train from the airport to Vlissingen or Middelburg. In Brussels and Amsterdam the railway stations are at the airport. From Brussels, you will have to change trains once (in Roosendaal). Sometimes you will need to take a shuttle bus to the railway station (Eindhoven, Rotterdam). 

By train
You can find a travel planner (English), schedules and prices at

Here are the websites of the airports to check their accessibility:

  • Brussels Airport
    If you arrive at Brussels International Airport (Zaventem), the railway station is located below the airport. In Roosendaal you have to switch trains to Vlissingen. The trip by train takes approximately 2,5 hours. 
  • Eindhoven Airport
    If you arrive at Eindhoven Airport you have to take the bus to Eindhoven Central Station. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the railway station. From here you can take the train to Vlissingen. You have to switch trains in Tilburg and Roosendaal. The trip by train takes approximately 2,5 hours.
  • Rotterdam Airport
    If you arrive at Rotterdam Airport you have to take the bus to Rotterdam Central Station. From here you can take the direct train to Vlissingen. The trip by train takes approximately 1,5 hours.
  • Schiphol (Amsterdam Airport)
    If you arrive at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, the railway station is located below the airport. You can take the Intercity Direct to Rotterdam Central Station (supplement might be necessary), so make sure you buy the correct ticket at the ticket office. At Rotterdam CS you have to switch trains to Vlissingen. The other possibility is to take the train to Leiden Central Station and switch trains to Vlissingen. The trip by train takes approximately 2,5-3 hours. 

Attention: Sometimes trains split in two halfway during the trip and go in two different directions, so make sure you are on the right carriage. You can check this on the screen in the carriage, it should say ‘IC naar Vlissingen’. Note: Vlissingen is the last stop on the track. The station before Vlissingen is called Souburg-Vlissingen. Don’t get off there!

More information

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