Susana Menéndez is the new chair of the Supervisory Board of HZ University of Applied Sciences. She replaces Toine Poppelaars, who resigned in January. Eric de Ruijsscher has been appointed as vice-chair.

Susana Menéndez is not unfamiliar to HZ. She has been a member since 2018 and vice-chair since 2020. With the choice of the new chair, HZ opts for continuity and stability. She is an experienced leader in (higher) education. Menéndez served as a board member of The Hague University of Applied Sciences for twelve years, where she was responsible for education, research, quality assurance, and internationalization. In addition to her role as a supervisor at HZ, she holds various positions in (higher) education as a supervisor, advisor, and auditor.

Within the Supervisory Board of HZ, she has focused on complex issues in recent years. HZ considers it important for the chair to be familiar with these issues and developments. This is why this appointment was made, despite the earlier opening of the vacancy.

Menéndez has been acting chair since Poppelaars' departure in January. In a previous interview, she described HZ as a 'special university'. "Personally, 'special' is not just a marketing mantra here, but it is genuinely in the DNA of the organization, in the quality culture, and the regional embedding. HZ really matters to Zeeland!"

Broad Network

Simultaneously with Menéndez's appointment as chair, Eric de Ruijsscher has been appointed as vice-chair of the board. He is the CEO of construction and infrastructure company H4A, chairman of VNO-NCW Zeeland, and has been a member of the HZ Supervisory Board since 2020. His appointment has been extended until 2028. De Ruijsscher knows Zeeland inside out and has a broad, administrative network within the province.

De Ruijsscher considers HZ 'a leading educational organization in Zeeland'. "In addition to education, it has a broad focus on innovation and knowledge development in the broadest sense," he said earlier. "HZ is also part of various triple helix organizations. This helps to put Zeeland on the map even better, improve livability, and stimulate the growth and development of Zeeland."

Barbara Oomen, Chair of the Executive Board, expresses her satisfaction with the appointments. "This combination of chair and vice-chair represents both extensive national HBO experience and a strong commitment to Zeeland."

With the appointments of Menéndez and De Ruijsscher, HZ is looking for a new member of the Supervisory Board. This vacancy will be announced soon.