Want to travel to HZ sustainably? Consider carpooling with someone else. Or maybe you already drive together with others? Use the app Nabogo, to find each other and settle costs. Trying out the app for the first time? With the voucher HZ20 you get 20 euros credit!

Download the app here: NABOGO

After downloading the app Nabogo, sign in as a driver or a passenger. You can put in your regular ride as a driver or search for a ride as a passenger. Through this app, you can find each other and settle the costs for the ride. After the ride, the driver immediately receives €0.10 per kilometre from the passenger. The first 10 kilometres are free and are reimbursed to the driver by Nabogo. And to further promote this sustainable alternative, you can use the €20 discount voucher to try out the app.

Do you have any questions or need help using the app Nabogo? Employee Janne from Nabogo will come to HZ to promote and support the app. You can find her at the following locations:

Monday 6 February from 12.00 to 13.00 on the Edisonweg in Vlissingen
Tuesday 7 February from 12.00 to 13.00 at the restaurant of Het Groene Woud in Middelburg

About Nabogo
Nabogo is a free app that allows you to ride along with others easily and inexpensively. The reason Nabogo can work without costs and advertisements is that provinces and public transport authorities want to offer citizens better and greener mobility. Thanks to Province of Zeeland, HZ students and staff can use the App and voucher code. More information about NABOGO and frequently asked questions can be found on the NABOGO website.

Share the cost of car journeys, avoid strikes and long journey times. Get in and drive together with someone else!