Onderzoek Expertise Valorisation Management 002

Paul Vader

Coordinator Expertise and Valorisation Management

Paul Vader studied biology at the University of Amsterdam and has worked at the HZ since 1997. He taught aquatic ecology at the Water Management programme, developed a minor in sustainability and various courses in that field at the Lectorate for Sustainability and was editor-in-chief of HZ Discovery, the magazine on HZ research. From early 2012, Paul worked as a content manager at the research group Building with Nature (BwN) on the project ''Building with Living Nature''.

In recent years, Paul has further qualified himself as content manager for the wikis that the research group EVM develops and maintains. In this way, he can use his analytical and editorial qualities to structure large amounts of knowledge using

For the research groups he has made the results of various projects publicly available on the DeltaExpertise site.