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Studies in water, technology and environment

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About your application, enrolment or graduation

Until when I can enrol?

We still accept and review applications as usual.

Deadline to apply:

  • for eu students: 1 august 2022
  • for non-eu students: 15 june 2021

Yet, we would advise you to apply as soon as possible to be able to book your student accommodation on time. Should you require any information about admission or enrolment, please contact the student office via e-mail: csa@hz.nl.

Something went wrong with my enrolment

For questions about enrolment or termination of enrolment please contact the Student Office via
e-mail: csa@hz.nl.

Where can I get a certificate of registration?

You can send an e-mail to csa@hz.nl. You will then receive the certificate by email.

I would rather do another course within the HZ, rather than the one I registered for. How can I arrange this as soon as possible?

You can arrange this via your Studielink account by submitting a 'New registration request'.

As and international student, can I have my tuition fees deducted automatically?

If you are an international student and would like to have your tuition fees deducted by direct debit, please visit our website at https://hz.nl/studiekeuze/studiekosten. Here you will find a link to all SEPA countries. Students from these countries can opt for a direct debit. If this does not work, please send an e-mail to the Financial Services Department via fin@hz.nl.

I graduated before the summer holidays. Where can I get a declaration of graduation?

A declaration of graduation is not provided. Your diploma is sufficient proof of graduation

Practical matters

I haven't received a binding recommendation

Students are normally advised at the end of the first year whether, depending on the number of credits they obtained, they can continue studying in the next study year. Due to the measures surrounding the coronavirus, students may experience delays.

  • This academic year (2020/2021), the HZ has (again) decided not to give any first-year students negative binding study advice and to postpone the giving of study advice to first-year students who do not meet the standard until the second year of study. The current second-year students, for whom the giving of study advice was postponed last year, will receive an (intention to) negative binding study advice this year if they do not meet the standard. If there are personal circumstances, the examination board may decide to postpone the study advice for another year.
  • -Also for part-time students, at the end of this academic year (2020-2021) no binding study advice is issued and it is postponed until 31 August 2022.

A letter concerning your study progress will be send to you before September 1st.

Should your require more information, please send an e-mail to: dex.twe-m@hz.nl for the programme in Middelburg and dex.twe-v@hz.nl for the programme in Vlissingen.

I am still on a holiday when the study programme starts

You are obliged to attend the kick-off in week 35. During this event you will receive a lot of relevant and practical information, also, you will meet your lecturers and fellow students. Should you not be able to be present, please let us know via e-mail: receptiegw@hz.nl for the programme in Middleburg and technology@hz.nl for the programme in Vlissingen.

I haven't received a username and/or password

Check whether your registration has been completed in Studielink. If this is not the case, this may be the reason that you have not received your login details.

After your registration you will receive 2 email messages with the following subjects:

  • username for access to HZ ICT facilities
  • password for ICT facilities

These messages will be sent to the private email address that you have entered on Studielink. If you have not received these messages, please check that they are not in your spam folder.

When will I be able to log in on MyHZ?

On My.HZ.nl you will find, among other things, your timetable and your personal details as registered with us. You will find your literature (order) list on the electronic learning environment (called Learn).

Your enrolment is complete if:

  1. If the prior education requirements are met to start your study programme at HZ;
  2. the authorization tuition fee has been given.
When do I get a student card?

During the Kick-off days a student pass will be handed out; provided that all registration requirements have been met: the admission requirement and tuition fee payment have been met (via the digital authorisation on Studielink) AND a digital passport photo has been uploaded in your MyHZ account (not in your Learn account!).

I can not find my literature list and/or my schedule

Only after all formalities, including financial ones, have been dealt with and you have been linked to a group, you will have access to your literature list and schedule. You can contact the Student Office to ask whether your enrolment is complete. If your registration is complete, it is possible you will have to wait until week 34 to be linked to a group, from this week you should have access to your literature list and/or schedule.

Where can I park my car when I go to HZ in Middelburg?

HZ location Het Groene Woud in Middelburg

Free parking is possible on the car park of PZEM at the Poelendaelesingel 10 in Middelburg. This is a few minutes' walk to the HZ. Unfortunately, it is not possible to park directly at the HZ building. However, there are two disabled parking spaces and spaces for HZ cars near the building itself.

Please note: if you park at the Poelendaelesingel, you cannot reach the HZ via the tunnel because of the construction works for the Joint Research Center Zeeland. You can cross over via the intersection at the traffic lights.

Problems with OnStage

Should you experience problems with OnStage, please contact The Work Zone, labour market intermediary for students, graduates and businesses in Zeeland, via e-mail stage@hz.nl or telephone + 31(0)118-489111. Opening hours during summer break: from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm.

How to pass on a change of adress?

You can report a change of address yourself via Studielink.


Student Office

Student Office can be reached at csa@hz.nl

The Work Zone

The Work Zone can be reached at stage@hz.nl or by phone via + 31(0)118-479207

Hearing committee

The hearing committee can be reached at hoorcommissie@hz.nl

Domain Technology, Water & Environment

Domain Technology, Water & Environment can be reached for:

The departmental examination board domain Technology, Water & Environment

The departmental examination board domain Technology, Water & Environment can be reached for: