Frequently asked questions for new students

Are you starting your studies at HZ after the summer holidays? You might still have a question then. During the summer, some departments are less accessible. That is why we have listed the most important questions, answers and contact details for you.

Student grant

Where can I find more information about the loan system and study financing?

The DUO website provides the most up-to-date information.


Who do I contact if I have questions about my registration?

For questions about registration, please contact the HZ Student Office. This can be done via

Can I get a certificate of registration and/or proof of payment?

You can request a proof of enrolment via Osiris student. Log in with your HZ username and HZ password.

You can request proof of paid tuition fees via

Until when can I register?

The deadline for international students is 15 June (Non EU) and 1 August (EU).

When is my enrolment complete?

Your enrolment is complete when you meet the admission requirements of your programme and when you have issued the authorisation of your tuition fees. You can find the admission requirements on the information page of your programme on this website.

For questions about enrolment, please contact the Student Desk:

I haven't had a study choice check yet

During a study choice check, we look together at whether the study of your choice matches your interests, qualities and motivation. A study choice check is compulsory for some study programmes. You will have received a link to HZ Learn when you registered for your course. On HZ Learn, you can read everything about the SC of your chosen programme.

Is a Study Achievement Check compulsory for your course, but you have not yet received an invitation? Send an email to your study programme.

I have applied for a study programme, but I want to follow another one within HZ. How can I arrange this?

You can arrange this before 1 October via your account on Studielink by submitting a 'New registration request'. Don't forget to deregister for the course(s) you will not be following.

Questions about logging in and student ID

I have not yet received a user name and/or password

After your enrolment, we will send 2 e-mails with your username and password for the ICT facilities. These emails will be sent to the private email address you entered on Studielink.

Did you not see these messages? Then please check your spam folder. Can't find it there? Then check whether your registration has been completed in Studielink. Not getting anywhere? Please contact the Student Desk:

When can I log in to MyHZ?

You can log in on MyHZ when your registration at the HZ is complete. You will receive an email with your login details.

On MyHZ you will find, among other things, your schedule and your personal data as registered with us.

When will I receive my student card?

Your student pass will be issued during the HZ Kick-off. Make sure your application is complete and that you have uploaded a digital passport photo on MyHZ (not to be confused with your HZ Learn).

Questions about book list, schedule, etc.

Where and when can I find my book list?

You can find your book list in two places: Osiris Student and MyHZ.

Once your registration is complete and you are linked into OSIRIS, you will find your book list in OSIRIS Student. Log in with your HZ username and password. Did you register after 7 July? Then you will be linked in OSIRIS in week 35.

You can also find your book list on MyHZ. In your personal menu click on the button Webshop. In the menu of the webshop you will find the book list, where you can view and order your books.

Where can I find my timetable?

As soon as your registration is complete, you will find your timetable in the Outlook calendar of your HZ mail.

You can also view your schedule on MyHZ. You will find the button 'Timetable' in your personal menu.

Other questions

What requirements should my laptop meet?

We advise you to use a Microsoft Windows laptop. This is because the HZ's IT environment is Microsoft-based. Microsoft software packages (or software compatible with Microsoft) are also used.

Which software packages can I use for free through HZ?

The entire Office 365 including MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint is free to use during your studies. As a student, you can purchase other software packages at reduced rates via

Is presence at the Kick-off obligatory?

You are obliged to be present at the Kick-off (29 August -2 September 2022). During the Kick-off you receive a lot of relevant and practical information and you get to know the teachers and students of your programme.

I want to join a specific person in the class

Send an e-mail to your study programme with your name, student number and the name of the student with whom you want to be in the class. The programme will then try to arrange this. However, we cannot guarantee that it will be successful.

How do I pass on a change of address?

You can pass on a change of address yourself via Studielink. The HZ will automatically receive this change through Studielink.

Important contact information

Student desk

Domain Technology, Water & Environment
For the programmes Logistics Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering:

For the programmes Global Project & Change Management, Industrial Engineering & Management, Information & Communication Technology, River Delta Development, Water Management:

Domain Business, Vitality & Hospitality

For the programmes International Business & Tourism Management: