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Klaas Timmermans

Klaas Timmermans

Lecturer Aquaculture

Klaas R. Timmermans specialization is understanding the role of seaweeds in the marine environment, including the possibilities for seaweed biomass as source for sustainable food and energy for the future.
He received his Masters degree in Biology (cum laude) at the University of Amsterdam in 1986. From 1986–1991, he did his PhD on the effects of trace metals on Chironomid larvae (University of Amsterdam). In 1991 he defended his PhD-thesis entitled ''Trace metal ecotoxicokinetics of chironomids''. As of 1991, Klaas Timmermans works as a (senior) scientist at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ), first within the Department of Marine Chemistry & Geology, from 2008- 2016 in the Department of Biological Oceanography (head of department 2011-2016), and from 2016 onwards in the Department Estuarine and Delta Systems, (head of department), NIOZ-Yerseke.

As of 1 September 2014 Klaas Timmermans is appointed as honorary professor Marine Plant Biomass in the Department of Ocean Ecosystems, with in ESRIG, Energy and Sustainability Research Institute Groningen at Groningen University (Faculty Science and Engineering).
Since June 2019 he is lector Aquaculture at HZ University of Applied Sciences, Vlissingen.