The expertise of the three universities of applied sciences

HZ University of Applied Sciences - Delta system coast
Natural processes such as rising sea levels, soil subsidence, an increase in powerful storms, and salinisation play an important role in the delta. In conjunction with the growing population, this puts pressure on the limited space, referred to as ‘coastal squeeze’. This increases the risk of flooding and other severe events. The challenge for delta professionals is to redirect global issues affecting the delta, which are also clearly visible in the south-west of the Netherlands, towards sustainable developments and take a step-by-step approach to arriving at safe, resilient, and economically vital delta coasts. As a student of the River Delta Development Master’s programme, you will conduct practical research in the research programmes of the Delta Academy Applied Research Centre.

Van Hall Larenstein- Delta system river region
During the period at Van Hall Larenstein, you will be exposed to course content on the river system as well as its physiogeographical and methodical side. You will conduct research projects linked to the Delta Areas and Resources Applied Research Centre. These will focus on the circular management of the river and integral regional design of river systems, during which a balance must be struck between safety, economics, ecology, and cultural history. The Applied Research Centre is currently conducting different projects with a wide range of parties, varying from the Rijkswaterstaat (government body for infrastructure and water management) to business owners and nature preservation organisations.

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences - Delta system Urban Water
Rivers, seas, precipitation, groundwater, drinking water, and wastewater are all elements of the urban water in Rotterdam. These water streams are an integral part of the urban region in supporting its users and residents. The city has many technical, spatial, economic, and social projects that form complex relationships with each other. The pillars of the River Delta Development Master’s programme in Rotterdam are urban planning and construction, infrastructure, and mobility and water management. This knowledge is used to research the spatial, infrastructural, civil engineering, and governance aspects of water in delta cities and to resolve practical issues.