International Student Company

In the second semester of their second year, IB students start and operate a Student company. Within the subject “Research & Innovation”, students explore the market and pitch their ideas on a Dragon’s Den competition. Teams get formed around the winners’ solutions providing the highest value and companies get launched. Afterwards, the teams need to raise capital to fund their company. Students also focus on Marketing & Sales to position their brand within the market. The company gets closed at the end of the 6 months of operation.

The Student company experience stimulates the entrepreneurial mindset and provides a hands-on experience on how companies operate. Thanks to the diversity within the class, intercultural awareness is being developed, as well. Another highly valued skill that students acquire is pitching to clients in order to attract clients and investors and generate sales and investments. Student company provides a deep understanding of business models and revenue streams, which is extremely useful within corporate settings.

Examples from previous years

  • ComeTogether mission is to bring people together, thereby reducing feelings of isolation. They offer personalized games and puzzles.
  • Food Fiesta mission is to help students follow a healthier lifestyle. They offer an online guide to healthy food choices, student-friendly recipes, and information about local food markets as well as a cookbook.
  • NothingInMyGlass ensures customers can have a safe and enjoyable night out. The company raises awareness of drink spiking. They sell discreet cardboard test strips that allow users to easily see if their drink has been spiked.
  • Simpler: aim is to help prospective and current international students finance their studies in the Netherlands. They provide information and consultations related to living and studying in the Netherlands.
  • SurpriseXpress: offers a gift box full of traditional snacks and sweets from diverse countries.
  • The Care Package: aims to help employers connect with their employees by making them feel appreciated. They offer a collection of items guaranteed to make life easier for the employees working from home.
  • The Natural Insomnia Helper: is on a mission to help people get a better night's sleep. They provide insomnia information and support and offer a range of snacks and teas that improve sleeping patterns.
  • REVIVAL envisions a world in which sustainable fashion is the norm. The team upcycles second-hand clothing and offers custom pieces for both men and women.

"Student company made us take a deep dive into the business field and taught us valuable lessons about running a company, more than what could ever be learnt from a book"
- Rada Lazarova, CEO, The Green Angle (Student company)

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