Water Cycle: concepts, practice and applications

Water is of vital importance to our society. Without access to water we are unable to live, produce and prosper. Viability and prosperity are governed by water availability, be it through agriculture, industry, logistics or services in urban areas.

During this course you will learn about the water system and how to monitor its status. You will be introduced to various water quality parameters and their relevance to the water system as well as to water treatment.

You will learn about chemical and biological system dynamics. You will use mass balances and basic (reactor) models of rivers, lakes and ponds to determine the effect of different discharges and emissions on a water system and how you can limit these effects through basic water treatment, ensuring adequate water quality for the environment and human use. You will learn to apply a number of tools to qualify and quantify the situation of water systems. Water treatment types that will be investigated include biological, chemical and physical.

You will discover that math is quite important to investigate the impact of pollution and the design measures to combat it. For those who wish to take it one step further: advanced water treatment will be taught in year 4 of Water Management, starting September 2019

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The Water Cycle course is split into three parts

The 'Concepts'-classes will provide you with the essential background theory on water systems analysis and water treatment. To test the basic knowledge you have learned during the 'Concepts' classes, you will sit a written exam at the end of the module. The exam will be 1.5 hours.

During the 'In practice' lab sessions you will learn how to perform water quality analysis of certain essential water quality parameters in the world of water treatment. Practicals will be carried out in the labs in groups/couples. You will hand in individual or group lab reports that will be assessed by your lab teacher. Practicals are compulsory.

In the 'Applied' project, you will work on a problem for a local company to help them to try and solve a water quality issue that they have, by producing a design for a treatment technique. The project is an important assessment which requires planning and teamwork. Your grade will be based on a group poster presentation and personal dossier, including the assignments and a written article.

Practical information

Course description

Water Cycle’ is a fulltime course of 9 weeks in all. The course starts with a kick-off session.  In the second week three excursions are planned to water treatment facilities: municipal WWTP, industrial WWTP and a demi-water production plant. Transport will be by train or bus back and forth from Vlissingen (HZ or station). The full course is worth 12.5 ECTS, granted after successful completion of all three course parts.

The start date for Water Cycle' is September 2021


The costs of the Water Cycle course are approximately €1700,-. 


All lectures and practicals are given at HZ University of Applied Sciences, Edisonweg 4 in Vlissingen. 

Contact and applying

Do you have any questions or do you need more information about the study programme or do you want to apply for this course? Please contact us: receptiegw@hz.nl.

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