Minor: HZ Innovation Studio

Many organisations in Zeeland are looking to optimise the way they work and the impact they make. In the minor HZ Innovation Studio you contribute to real life projects by coming up with inspiring ideas in co-creation with fellow students and project stakeholders. You will learn to take ownership of your projects, do research, manage your time and work together with students from different study programmes and cultures.

The HZ Innovation Studio has projects related to vitality, leisure, business, tourism, hospitality and regional development. Projects you can work on are for example improving business processes in hotels, creating circular business models for campsites or designing healthy living methods for regional residents. You participate in several projects at the same time in different teams. You will learn to apply the Design Thinking approach in each challenge you face. Together with your team, you start by discovering and defining the problem. Then you generate ideas for a solution. You turn the main idea into a prototype, which you test in practice. Finally, you use the learnings to improve the original idea. During this entire process, you and your team work closely with your project client. In some projects you may not only make suggestions for improvement, but will take part in realising the actual change.

Opbouw van de minor HZ Innovation Studio

The Innovation Studio is a collaborative environment where everybody shares thoughts and opinions. You figure out your own steps and discuss progress with your coach. Your fellow students assist and motivate you as well. The strong sense of community and regular social activities stimulate creativity.

With the Innovation Studio minor, depending on the assignment you work on, you may contribute to these Sustainable Development Goals:

  • SDG 3: Improve wellbeing by putting emphasis in each innovation on the quality of visiting or living in Zeeland.
  • SDG 11: Enable the regeneration of Zeeland by means of projects and innovations that make places more inclusive, sustainable and resilient.
  • SDG 12: Embrace responsible consumption and production, for instance by nudging sustainable mobility or using food waste of restaurants for other purposes.

With this minor, you will learn the following:

  • You can apply Design Thinking and share the output in a clear manner.
  • You invest in getting to know and understand all associated stakeholders for the benefit of the output and process.
  • You contribute to a collaborative environment in which everybody feels at ease to share thoughts and opinions.
  • You conduct relevant research and collect and analyse data that are suitable for the required insights.
  • You take leadership in your own development. You give and receive feedback on your own functioning and experiment with different perspectives and worldviews.
  • You know how to collaborate with persons outside your own (scientific) domain, institute, culture or context.

This minor has no fixed timetable.

  • You are at the HZ Innovation Studio for at least 6 half days during the minor.
  • It is possible to do obtain your credits during the same semester or spread over two semesters.

The following books are recommended for this minor (you can borrow them from the Innovation Studio library):

  • Lewrick, M., Link, P., & Leifer, L. (2020). The design thinking toolbox: A guide to mastering the most popular and valuable innovation methods. John Wiley & Sons.
  • Borges, C. C., & McNamee, S. (2022). Design thinking and social construction: a practical guide to innovation in research. BIS Publishers.

A variety of testing takes place, depending on the amount of credits you take. Tests for the full minor are:

  • Portfolio. You create a portfolio with your log and proof of your project work such as reports, workshops, flyers or presentations, and of the process by means of interview reports and minutes. You also reflect on the process of Design Thinking, your research, your leadership skills and your cooperation with others.
  • Presentation and discussion. You present your project work and learnings and answer questions about the portfolio.
  • Audiovisual reflection. In a vlog and a testimonial video you reflect on the entire process and on your ability to cross boundaries in co-creation.

Praktische informatie

This minor is open to students from all programmes at all universities of applied sciences. The minor is particularly interesting for students who are interested in project management and who are willing to step outside of their comfortzone.

You must have completed the propedeuse and 30 credits in the main phase.

This is an English language minor. If that is a problem for you, it might be possible to join a Dutch language working group. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your options.

Semester 2

The minor runs from 5 February 2024 to 5 July 2024.

You can apply from 15 September 2023 to 1 December 2023.

Semester 1

The minor runs from September 2024 to January/February 2025.

You can apply from March 2024.

Do you study at the HZ? Then you can apply on this page. Do you study at another university of applied sciences? Then you can apply via Kies op Maat.

Jessica Borgs

Office manager minor HZ Innovation Studio

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