De HZ start een inzamelingsactie voor de mensen in Oekraïne. De inzamelingsactie is een initiatief van de HZ Green Office en HZ SDG Events. Alle donaties zullen direct ten goede komen aan het Rode Kruis.

Doneer en help mee

Oekraïne is in nood voor een aantal specifieke producten. Als jij een bijdrage zou je dat kunnen doen door het doneren van:

Basismedicatie en eerste hulp

Hygiëne producten

  • Pleisters
  • Paracetamol
  • Desinfectiemiddelen
  • Luiers
  • Vrouwelijke hygiëne
  • Zeep



  • Eten in blik
  • Droge voeding
  • Babyvoeding
  • Warme kleding
  • Schoenen
  • Dekens


De HZ creëert inleverpunten in het Atrium van de HZ in Vlissingen en bij de receptie van HZ Het Groene Woud in Middelburg. Je kunt je spullen doneren tot dinsdag 29 maart.

Svetlana Vylkove (HZ staff member)

"It is all over the news and the internet, everybody talks about it. It saddens you, it scares you. Your heart is aching for all the people affected.

Mid-January, I started petitions for peace and diplomacy in the conflict resolution. With the advancement of events, anxiety about the outcomes started crippling. I reached out to people with experience in peace-building to find out what can be done. I reached out to people without experience but with initiatives. I contacted a person who picks up donations with a truck and delivers them weekly to Ukraine. I contributed to setting up a list of useful resources of supportive organizations, independent media and relevant advice. Meanwhile, my uncles got mobilized in the army, as all men in Ukraine between the age of 18 and 60 are. My aunts are hiding in the basement of their houses, together with neighbors and their kids. We all know people who live in Ukraine, come from there, have relatives and if not, we are all driven by the wish to help others. I believe it is important to hold each other close, support one another and remember our humanity.

I decided to turn that worry into action. Together with the Green Office and the SDG Events of HZ, as well as UCR and local organizations in Zeeland, we set up donation points. The donated items will be delivered by truck to the Red Cross Ukraine and distributed by them. People there need essentials, such as basic medication and first aid kits, hygiene products, baby products, long shelf life food, warm clothes, blankets, among others. A lot is outside of our control, yet I would like to channel my hope for a better future and engage in positive action. Are you joining, too?"