Why did you choose the Master River Delta Development?

“After graduating I wanted to continue my studies by following a master's programme. I was captivated by the Master's programme River Delta Development that is offered as a joint programme by the HZ, VHL, and RUAS as it felt like a unique opportunity to not just learn about topics that would enhance my civil engineering tool, but also to see different parts of The Netherlands. During the master's program I am improving my existing knowledge about river-delta systems while gaining new insight on transition management and governance. The master's programme gives me a lot of freedom compared to my bachelor's studies as it is up to me to decide how I will achieve my learning goals, this is of course intimidating at first, but it should also be a great leap in my personal development.”

What did you study before the master?

“I studied Civil Engineering because of how broad of a programme it is. It incorporates a lot of my interests at the same time such as infrastructure, structural engineering, and flood defenses. Of course at the same time, the Netherlands is known internationally for its positive reputation in these subjects, which further motivated me to study civil engineering at the HZ.”

How is it to study abroad?

“Studying abroad, away from family, is of course difficult, but personally I felt that it was a great step for my personal growth as I learned to be more confident and better rely on myself.”

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