We studied how people used water management in the actual practice

‘As a student of Shanghai Ocean University, I was very glad I could take part in the HZ Summer School. I really recommend this course to students who want to challenge themselves and explore new things. You will get much more out of it than you expected.

Why I chose this course
The main reason I chose to participate in this programme was that I was curious about overseas education systems. I was wondering what the difference with the Chinese system would be.  My second reason was that the HZ Water Management course is the best in the Netherlands, while Europe already has a worldwide reputation when it comes to water management. My third reason was that this Summer Course gave me the chance to travel to western countries, not only the Netherlands, but also France and other countries. That was an eye-opening for me.

Company visits  
Next to the theoretical lectures we had at the university, we visited companies and factories in different cities, where we studied how people used water management in the actual practice. We also went to the famous ‘Oosterscheldekering’ (Storm Surge Barrier), to learn more about this successful construction.

Meeting new people 
After school we took part in several activities. We cycled around the city, cleaned the beach and did sports at the beautiful coastline. We also organized a barbecue and got to know each other and the different cultures. This Summer School is now a memory of a great summer. The activities at HZ were so diverse that each moment of the day was meaningful.’