You've just finished the programme Tourism Management at HZ. Why did you choose for HZ in Vlissingen?
“I chose to study at HZ because it was close to home, I didn’t want to move out yet and wasn’t looking for a commute that would rob me of a few hours every day. I became very enthusiastic about Tourism Management. The programme offered an experience to study with people from all over the world and experience their views on life. This was very appealing to me, and I’m happy I chose this program because of the diversity. It also made the decision making process a lot easier as there weren’t many programmes that offered the same. Moreover, tourism is very present in Zeeland (and the rest of the world). Which made this a very appropriate programme.”

How would you describe the programme?
“The Tourism Management programme is about more than just tourism. You also learn about marketing, business language and finance. It teaches you a lot about multicultural environments and inclusivity. The program offers a good balance between theory and practice. What made the program a lot easier is that you only have one module at a time, besides you language classes. This means you can really focus on that subject. The group projects also allow you to put your theory to practice. Internships are where you really learn a lot about the work field and this is where you can make a lot of connections. As tourism is a worldwide business, you can do your internship in whatever country you like. The study is more than what it may seem. You will be educated into a tourism management professional, but it can take you in different directions.”

And you've also studied abroad for 3 months!
“Yes! What is also very nice about this programme is the wide variety of schools in different countries you can choose from to study abroad. Studying abroad was a once in a lifetime experience, and an opportunity you do not want to pass up on. I chose to leave home for three months to study in Norway and it has been both the hardest and most rewarding experience of my life. I struggled with homesickness so bad, but I am so glad I went. Studying abroad means experiencing a whole new world which is something I would have never wanted to miss. It is expensive but if you have the means I would say definitely go for it!”

Would you recommend Zeeland to other students?
“Having lived in Zeeland my entire life, I think I may be a bit biased when it comes to studying in Zeeland, the Netherlands. I love Zeeland. When the weather is nice (which is more often than people would like to make you believe), it’s like being on holiday 24/7. In Vlissingen, you have the beach with the most amazing sunsets so that’s definitely a bonus. I would really recommend Zeeland to study if you like nature, peace and quiet. There is not that much to do here but Vlissingen has clubs and parties if you’re up for that sort of thing. It also has good railway connections to the rest of the Netherlands so plenty of opportunities to explore.”

What are your most valuable memories?
“To me the most valuable part of my studies has been both my study abroad, my graduation internship and the collaborations I have had with my fellow students and supervisors. It has been so nice to get to know people from all over the world and it is only now that I realize what a privilege it is to have that opportunity. If only I had taken more advantage of it. If you choose an international programme, talk to your international fellow students, ask them all the questions and be supportive because leaving home is hard!”

And how do you look back on your internships?
“The opportunity for doing internships has also been very valuable during this program. Being able to put the theory you learn to practice and gaining work experience is very important. It has really helped me understand hospitality better. This also means being able to add work experience to your resume which leads to more job opportunities. For example, I believe my first two internships really helped me land my graduation internship placement where I received a job offer during my internship at Province Zeeland. As we speak, it is the end of my first official working day!”

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