International Business: read what Raya has to say about the programme

Hello! My name is Raya and I am currently International Business student at HZ University of Applied Sciences.

Why did you decide to study at HZ?
“The reason why I chose to study at HZ is the international family-like environment. I had the chance to experience this during the Open Days at HZ and I was certain that this was the place, where I wanted to spend the next 4 years of my life.”

Why did you choose to study International Business?
“I chose to specifically study International Business because I wanted to develop myself in the business working sphere, learn new languages, meet people from all over the world and learn to be independent.”

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Ib Raya Groot

What was the most valuable part of your studies?
“For me the most valuable part of my studies is the applied side of the programme, since, so far I have had the chance to see how all the things that I am learning are applied in real life, through company visits, research, observations and group projects.”

Tell us about your plans for your minor?
“For now, I plan to do my minor in Vienna, Austria, and my internship in South America. I am very excited about these opportunities because I believe I will have a lot of experience in the business field by the end of my third year.”

What would your advice be to a student applying to HZ?
My advice to students applying to HZ is to follow so they get an insight into the amazing events that HZ organizes & check the takeovers by students, who are already studying in HZ so they get a better overview of what they can expect at HZ.

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