Industrial Engineering & Management: Oldair tells you about the study programme

Why did you choose to study Industrial Engineering & Management at HZ?
“I wanted to study in Europe and here I could follow the whole study programme in English. I like the business part of the study programme and the programme in general. We go to a company twice a week and that’s why I choose this one above others. The lessons are in smaller groups, so you have more interaction and the teacher actually knows your name. So it’s easier to talk and to learn more.” 

How is your study programme going so far?
“My first year is going well, I like it and the people and teachers are nice. I have friends at home and they study the same subject but it’s more theory. Here you learn how to apply the knowledge in real life. Every semester you go to a company for two days a week. That is very nice! My first company was a small one, so you can walk around the workplace and see the whole process. They gave us a project about the company: how it is arranged and how they maintain the machines. In the second year we will go to two other companies and do projects for them, too. In the third year we will have a minor and an internship. I want to go to Singapore, but I don’t know exactly which subjects to choose. But I’m really looking forward to it!”

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Oldair Industrial Engineering Management

Do you have an example of an interesting assignment you did during the first year?
“When we were at the company, we saw that one machine took a long time to be cleaned. So we made a prototype of a machine that cleans itself. We presented it to the company and they are considering developing it.”

What kind of person would you recommend the study programme for?
“You have to be good at maths and physics. And you have to like the process, like to improve things, and like to make equipment of machines work faster and more efficient.”

What is it like to live in the Netherlands, Zeeland, Vlissingen?
“It is nice. I live on campus and there are many international students who are also away from home. So we try to make it like a family. Everyone knows each other, we eat together, and we go out together. So that’s good.”

What advice would you give prospective students when choosing a study programme?
“I talked to someone who was already studying here and I just asked him: Tell me the truth, is it okay? And he said: Yes, it’s great, because you gain a lot work experience. So my advice would be; Talk to a student ambassador.”

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