In 2014 I started my education at HZ University of Applied Sciences with a desire to get valuable practical experience in the field of Chemistry. I would say that this expectation of mine was met. During the first semester, I entered the laboratory for the first time and I would say I was rather unsure and even a bit scared that I will break all the glassware around me. Eventually, I started gaining experience during the practicals and became rather a bit more willing to work in the lab. Yet, only after the internships, I became confident that I can conduct a research on my own.

During my Bachelor, I had the opportunity to participated in Analytical Sciences Talent Program (ASTP), which is a 3-year programme targeting ambitious students willing to learn more about Analytical Sciences. This gave me the opportunity to conduct 2 internships of 6 months each, under an amazing supervisor in the food safety institute RIKILT and at Unilever! Since I wanted to broaden my theoretical knowledge in Chemistry I did my premaster at Radboud University during my studies at HZ. The premaster was a pretty busy period for me, but I enjoyed the subjects that were offered and learnt a lot!

Currently (September 2018), I am performing my Master in Chemistry, Analytical Science track offered as a joint degree by University of Amsterdam and Vrij Universiteit van Amsterdam. I also got accepted for MSc+ Talent Program, which is the continuation of the scholarship ASTP, which I am more than happy about!

I am happy that I decided to move abroad to study chemistry! I believe that the practical experience I have gained is of a great value. However, apart from all these professional aspects, I would like to say that what makes studying abroad so wonderful is the diverse people you meet on your way! During my bachelor I have made amazing friends, some of them will last forever. I have met so many different people, learnt about their culture and traditions and learnt how to be open-minded.