How do you look back on the Engineering course?

"Very good. I've not only learned more than I expected on beforehand, I also learned different things than expected. When you leave secondary school, you expect that you get almost only theory at college, but that is not the case. Of course you also get theory, but you also learn to work well together in groups, to plan and to apply methods. All useful things you will later need at work. The programme prepared me well for the job market."

How did you choose this study?

"I knew I wanted to do something in engineering. Engineering is quite broad, so you can go in many directions. Which is an advantage for me personally, because I didn't yet know exactly what I want to do later. There is also a high job guarantee when you graduate, which is a big advantage. What I like most about the profession is that you are working on something and there is actually a physical result in the end."

What did you like the most?

"It's hard to name just one, because each project is about a different subject and therefore difficult to compare. There are projects focusing on design and shaping, for example, but also a project that deals with software, hardware and electrical components. I really like this diversity, because it helps you find out where your interests lie and what you like best within Engineering."

During your studies, you wrote a book, what is the book about?

"The book is about a research method I learned at HZ, the v-model. This is a certain structure, which comes from software development. To a large extent, this method can also be applied within engineering. During several projects, we had to use the v-model. The model is also already used in companies, but there is no structure to it yet, so everyone applies it in their own way. For ICT, there is a book on the v-model, which I translated into the v-model for Engineering. Willem, a teacher in Engineering, helped me with this. Meanwhile, my book is on the book list for Engineering. Very nice!"

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